Aroma ARC-743 Review

Aroma ARC-743 Rice Cooker Steamers


Price Range: Low

Rice Quality: Good

Benefits & Features: Few

Performance: Good

Pros vs. Cons: Balanced
Overall Rating: Good

The Aroma ARC-743 rice cooker and steamer models are one of the newer models put out by Aroma and for the price seem to be a better bargain than the older Aroma ARC-733G model since it sports a non-stick bowl as opposed to an aluminum one.

It is also currently cheaper online.

The newer ARC-743 cookers come in 3 colors which are white, red, and black, (see pics below) and perform just like any simple plug, set, and forget one lever removable top lid rice cooker.

Ease of Use & Easy Cleaning

One thing folks should find helpful using these small appliances is that they are pretty straight forward to operate as all one needs to do is rinse and add rice, measure to the correct water level gauge inside the bowl, and press down on a lever.

The Aroma ARC-743 cooker will do the rest bringing water to a rapid boil then automatically switching into a keep warm mode holding the rice at a ready to serve temperature.

Steaming Food

Another plus benefit we always favor when writing our review articles is the simple fact that folks can steam food with this model while the rice cooks below. Of course a little manual timing is required depending on what’s cooking but having a small multi-purpose cooker is a real time saver and allows for entire meals to be prepared all in one unit.

The only minor drawback is that the steaming tray is quite small so only small portions of food can be prepared. Enough for 1 and just squeezing in two.


The Aroma ARC-743 is a 3 cup rice cooker that will yield up to 9 cups of cooked white rice, (in rice cooker cup measurements). Perfect for live-alone folks or couples.

It comes with a measuring cup, steam tray, non-stick bowl, rice scoop, and manual.



  • simple to use and easy to clean
  • simultaneous food steaming
  • offers keep warm mode unlike some other cookers in price range
  • great price for rice cooker and steamer combo




  • some folks report frothy boil over (tips below)
  • crusting on bottom layer of rice
  • no advanced features or timer options


Where to Buy an Aroma Rice cooker

Available at

To conclude and for what the Aroma ARC-743 is currently priced at, this Aroma rice cooker and steamer is a great deal and is good for folks who prepare occasional white rice with dinner and can use the benefit of a small food steamer.

Just note that the power cord is not removable and may cause some clutter behind unit…so be sure and tie once in place.

We have heard feedback that it sometimes causes boil over and/or rice crusting on bottom layer, but this can be resolved by using foil as a temporary top lid and/or adding some olive oil to the rice to help break up the boiling rice froth.

However do keep in mind ALL rice cookers of this style & design come with these little cons.

Overall, a nice little cooker that is perfect for college dorms too.