Aroma ARC-733G Review

3 Cup Aroma ARC-733G Rice Cooker


Price Range: Low

Rice Quality: Good

Benefits & Features: Few

Performance: Good

Pros vs. Cons: Balanced
Overall Rating: Good

The 3 cup Aroma ARC-733G rice cooker not only makes good rice in under 25 minutes, but will also allow for simultaneous vegetable steaming. Its great modern stylish design will fit most kitchen decors and its cup size can prepare up to 9 cups of cooked white rice.

While it is true that this Aroma rice cooker is kind of on the cheap side, after doing a little research we believe that it a good buy since it receives a majority of positive feedback.

It is small, fits snugly on counter tops, is easy to store, and is perfect for folks who live alone or for couples that do not want a complicated machine, but rather something that is pretty straightforward that will not break the bank. To use, simply measure, add, plug, and push down a switch.

When your rice is finished, the stay warm mode will keep your rice moist and at an ideal temperature until you’re ready to eat.

The Aroma ARC-733G comes with a bowl (not non-stick), rice spatula, and steaming tray for preparing food while the rice is cooking.

One thing we do want to state is that this rice steamer cooker works best with regular white rice and that there will be a slight learning curve to perfect brown rice, jasmine rice, mixed rice, etc.




  • cheap yet efficient
  • does not take up much counter room
  • makes good quality rice fast
  • glass top window for monitoring food
  • simple one touch operation




  • parts are not dishwasher safe
  • inner bowl is not a non-stick material (aluminum)
  • rice tends to stick making clean up a chore (tips below)
  • no timer for start/finish programming
  • does not use modern rice cooking technology to monitor rice and requires more “human judgment”


Where to Buy an Aroma Rice Cooker

Purchase at

Ok, so it has its share of cons, but for the price what can you expect? Even rice cookers in high price range receive some negative feedback.

As far as the sticking issues, we came across two things some folks suggest:

1) try adding a little oil olive to your water (about a teaspoon per 1 cup).

2) when the rice is finished remove from pan right away to avoid the bottom layer from sticking. Just use caution when doing so!

Granted it is better to let the rice settle and steam so that it develops a more fluffy (or sticky) texture, but for the sake of clean up, with this particular model it may be best to serve right away.

Overall, the Aroma ARC-733G rice cooker is worth buying and is great for making that occasional bowl of rice with dinner. It also makes a great little gift.

We should also mention that the steaming tray size is only ideal for serving two at best.

Measures: 8.2 x 8.1 x 10.2 Inches | 3 Cup Capacity (approx. 9 Cups Cooked Rice)