Rice Cooker Review Introduction

Topics: About This Rice Cooker Review Site, How We Research & Rate, How YOU can Help!

A Short “About Me”

Greetings, my name is Matthew, and along with the much appreciated help of my friend Dave have aimed to construct one of the Net’s largest rice cooker review and research guide.

My story begins when I one day searched the web for a well-built and reliable rice cooker, but did not come across any really helpful information supplying useful feedback for making a final decision. There was no centralized “hub” as far as rice cooker reviews went and it took some time to make good product comparisons.

My only good source at the time was Amazon’s Customer Reviews.

After already owning a Cuisinart CRC-400 and wanting something a bit more upgraded, I made my latest decision on a Sanyo ECJ-HC100S which performs without issue and makes great tasting rice!

But still, no good rice cooker guide site existed…until I had a great idea!

I would create one myself!

Already having some web knowledge thanks to my friend Dave who runs a tea hobby site, I decided to construct this non-bias “report card” on commonly-searched models with the goal of helping other folks reach a more confident buying decision. I figured that since I like researching every minor detail before buying anything this project would seem more like fun rather than work!

But I would still need lots of help.


How We Research

All of our articles written on this rice cooker review site are taken from research based on feedback from what other folks who own the specific model had to report.

We look for recurring pros & cons along with benefits and features, and how the overall performance of the rice cooker stacks up. We do not simply rate a model based solely on a spiced-up product description, or on what just one person had to say.

We slowly research Amazon’s customer reviews and eBay customer reviews as well as exploring information we gather from forums, blogs, (in some/rare cases Twitter), along with other related websites.

We do our best to filter the true reviews from the sometimes “paid” false reviews…a common and growing problem facing folks who seek honest information.

From there, Dave and myself can bring to you some of the most accurate non-bias rice cooker reviews all in one organized website. And although we would love to actually have hands on research of each model…that task can become quite expensive and we would quickly run out of closet room in both our houses storing all of those rice cookers!


How YOU Can Help!

At some point in the near future we will give folks the open option on leaving his or her own personal review for posting on this site.

Furthermore, folks can also leave their comments in response on what others had to say. It will be a sort of mini rice cooker review community that will extend beyond the scope of our own personal research since many more minor details can be revealed.

Right now, Dave and myself are still working out exactly how we are going to run this, but it is a definite plan!

More to come!

As of now please see our contact form and let us know what you think or if you have any inquiries.

Thanks and Best Regards!

Matt & Dave